Some Possible 2023 Talks

“Surrey Friendly Societies” ” by Sean Creighton
“The British Almshouse ” by Judith Hill
” Henry VIII: his Mistresses and Bastards” by Julia Hickey
“John Burns – Radical Surrey MP by Sean Creighton

“Brewing along the Wandle Valley”, by Wandle Museum
“Railways Of Surrey” by David Rose

“Sussex in WW1” or “Newhaven Fort” by Ian Everest
“Kent and Germany during WW1” – Christophe Bull
“Germany’s WW1 London Bomber Offensive” – Ian Castle
“London War Memorials” by Roger Mendham
“The Powell Cotton Museum: WW1 hospital” –Inbal Livne

“Surrey Villages Then and Now” by David Rose
“Landscapes of SE England” by Geoffrey Mead
“Resorting to the coast: holiday history” by Geoffrey Mead
“The Ghosts of Hampton Court” by Sarah Slater
” New Surrey Archaeological finds” by Simon Maslin
“The Powell Cotton Museum & its collections” by Inbal Livne
“‘A Victorian and Edwardian shopping basket: Bottles and Bygones from Guildford’s Forgotten Rubbish Tips” David Rose

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