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The Group
– is a subsidiary of the Dorking Society
– holds monthly meetings with speakers, members’ evenings, guided walks, and outings
– initiates research into the history of the town and surrounding villages and works with Dorking Museum to support members in their research
– publishes books and pamphlets, and an annual journal, ‘Dorking History’

Members range from those who actively research and publish, to those who simply attend monthly meetings, as well as long distance members who maintain their links with the town via the twice yearly newsletter and publications. All are welcome.

NEWS from Dorking Society:

For many years the Dorking Society has sponsored the placing of Blue Plaques in Dorking and its surrounding areas to commemorate people who have lived locally and played an important part in society whether within the UK or globally. To take this initiative into the 21st century and make it ever more relevant we are looking for someone who will undertake some research and development for us. The purpose of this will be to:

  1. Establish what criteria we should adopt for selecting the people we wish to commemorate.
  2. Create a process by which potential candidates can be agreed by the trustees of the Dorking Society.
  3. Create a delivery process so that once an individual has been approved their plaque can be funded, erected and publicised.

This is a voluntary role for which no particular skills or past experience is needed other than enthusiasm and a willingness to be creative!  

If this appeals to you Penny Tompkins: email trustee@dorkingsociety.org.uk would very much like to hear from you for a chat.

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