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Chart Park, Dorking illus. £6.50

A history of the Chart Park mansion and the development of the estate

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The Deepdene, Dorking  by Doris Mercer and Alan A Jackson, 1996, pp76, illus. £5

The history of the Deepdene mansion and estate from the 1400s to early 1990s

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Dorking: A Surrey Market Town through Twenty Centuries by Vivien Ettlinger, Alan A. Jackson and Brian Overell, 1991, reprinted 1997 pp.124 illus. £5.00

A history of Dorking from early settlement to modern times

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Dorking’s Railways by Alan A. Jackson, 1991 pp.64, illus. £3.50

A history of the development of railways in Dorking

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Early Victorian Dorking by Robert Humphreys, 2002 pp.80, illus. £5.00

Life in a mid-nineteenth century market town

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The Holloway, Dorking by Vivien Ettlinger, 1998 pp.64, illus. £5.40    

The development of a medieval farm into a modern residential estate

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Living Stream by Patricia Bennett, 2018, pp 52, illus. £5.00

The story of Pixham and its people.

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Pippbrook House by Jim Docking, 2016 pp.64, illus. £5  

The story of Pippbrook Estate and House in Dorking, from the 14th century to the end of 2015

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The South Street Caves, Dorking by Cliff Weight, 1988 pp. 28, illus £2.50

The history of the network of caves that run underneath the centre of Dorking

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A Scent of Violets: Glimpses of Victorian Dorking by Patricia Bennett, 1985, pp.12, illus. £1.40

An account of correspondence in the 1880s between a family nurse in Pixham and the mother in Kensington

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Vaughan Williams in Dorking by Celia Newbury (ed.), 1970, reprinted 2000 pp.42, illus. £6.00

Personal reminiscences of the celebrated composer

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William Mullins and his House in West Street, Dorking by Pam Hunter, 2000 pp.12, illus. £2.50

The story of William Mullins, whose house is the last remaining house of a Pilgrim Father in England

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The other books, pamphlets and back copies of ‘Dorking History’ listed below may be obtained by mail order from the Sales Officer (see Contacts).  

Other Books Available by Mail Order

 St Martin’s Churchyard Survey, pp.41 with plan (A survey by the Local History Group of the graves in Dorking Parish Churchyard)

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Members’ and other group publications:

The Lost Villages: a history of the Holmwoods by Kathy Atherton

A history of Holmwood Common and the villages and farms surrounding it from the Stone Age to the present day.

2008 pp112 illus £8.00 Available via Holmwood Histories or by mailing Kathy Atherton directly.

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