Our 2022 Talks Programme

Note: All “Dorking” events are held at Crossways Community Baptist Church, Junction Rd, RH4 3HB, 7:15pm for 7:30pm

Book by Ros

09 May 2022 (Dorking)
“ Amazing Women of the Temperance Movement”

Talk by author Ros Black. Many of the women in the Temperance Movement also fought for women’s suffrage and also had strong Surrey connections, e.g. Lady Henry Somerset & Sarah Robinson.


10 May 2022 (at Dorking Library, 7:30)
Dorking Society Annual General Meeting.
Includes a presentation on “The Dorking of the Future” and talks by Ben Lee, local architect, and Peter Brown, author of “The Box of Extraordinary Delights”.


Albury Church

23rd May 2022 (Zoom)
“Anglo-Saxon Surrey”

Talk by Kent-based academic William Aers. Expect to see a few skulls -maybe one of them belonged to one of your ancestors?


06 June 2022 (Dorking)
“Guildford: The Rock & Roll Years”

Talk by local author and journalist David Rose. Followed by some LIVE music from some people who were playing Guildford pubs & clubs in the sixties!


Brookwood Cemetery

13 June 2022 (Zoom)
“Victorian Ways of Death”

Talk by Bristol-based author Helen Frisby. Expect something about Brookwood Cemetery (near Woking), the largest cemetery in the world in Victorian times.


4th July 2022 (Dorking)
“The Royal Observatory at Abinger

Talk by Graham Dolan on Abinger Magnetic Observatory, which operated from 1923 to 1957, recording the changes in the Earth’s magnetic field.
More details to follow


Music Hall Superstar!

1st August 2022 (Dorking)
“The Art of Variety” (Music Hall)

Before WW1, and for a while afterwards, Music Hall was everywhere – and that included Dorking. Learn more from Brian O’Gorman, the Official Historian of the British Music Hall Society



Sept 5th (Dorking)
“The String of Pearls Villages from Nutfield to Westerham”

‘The String of Pearls – villages, hamlets and features along the sandstone ridge from Nutfield to Westerham’ by Bob Evans

More details to follow.



19th September(Zoom)
The Black Historical Presence in Surrey”

Talk by historian Angelina Osborne, author of “100 Great Black Britons”. More details to follow.


Dust Devil!

3rd October (Dorking)
“Droughts, Deluges and Dust-devils: 350 years of weather in SE UK”

Climate change is much discussed at the moment, but we’ve had our share of extreme weather in the past few centuries too. Talk by popular Surrey Weatherman Ian Currie


Cranleigh Station

17th October(Zoom) TBC
Railways of Surrey”

Come wallow in nostalgia about the long-gone branch lines and steam trains that used to criss-cross our county.
Talk by local journalist David Rose.


Runnymede Memorial

21st November (Zoom) TBC
1216 and all that: the real story of Magna Carta”

Talk by popular TV presenter Nick Barratt which will separate the myths about the Magna Carta from the real story.


The Homewood, near Esher

5th December 2022 (Dorking)
“The Roaring Twenties: Art Déco in Surrey and London”

Talk by Dr Anne Anderson. More details to follow.


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