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Topics covered are listed below:

Dorking History 2020
  • Early Memories of a Dorking Lad
  • Hidden Histories: Charles Milner of Mickleham
  • Charitable Donations from Wills
  • Memories of Ye Olde Oake Shoppe
  • Victoria Houghton
  • 2020 for DLHF
  • News from the Dorking Archives
  • Unwanted Situations
  • Earthquakes in england
  • Caroline Cooper
  • The Esperance Dancers in Holmwood

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Dorking History 2019

  • Here Runneth Under. Article 2
  • Harry Daley: Policeman, Memoirist, Broadcaster
  • Sir John Norton-Griffiths
  • Rob Walker: Motor Racer
  • Hidden Residents: Three Servants in Mid-Victorian Dorking
  • Nathaniel Wix: An 18th Century Dorking Worthy 

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Dorking History 2018

  • Here Runneth Under. Article 1 of Dorking’s hidden underground spaces
  • From Navvies’ Rest to Children’s Church: St Michaels Chapel Westhumble
  • Headley’s Lost Pub
  • The Lipscombe Family and the Plough, Coldharbour
  • A Dorking Common: Uses and Abuse through a Millenium
  • Fool’s Gold Under St Martin’s?
  • A Case of Blocked Drains

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Dorking History 2017

  • Eurythmics Anyone? The Legacy of Priscilla Barclay
  • Memories of WW2 in Dorking
  • The Joyce Family & Dorking
  • Mickleham’s Three Farriers
  • Dorking Publicans: Their varied Lifestyles & Experiences
  • Disentangling the Domesday Manors of Betchworth
  • Celebrating 50 years of DLHG
  • John Ogram Webb: Town Missionary & Temperance Preacher

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Dorking History 2016

  • Charles Collins: artist, fireman and model maker – Maureen Shettle
  • Mrs Florence Coulson:a formidable but forward-looking headmistress – Jim Docking
  • Aldhurst and Henfold; contrasting Capel farms – Mary Day
  • The family background of Henry Goulburn of Betchworth House; Chancellor of the Exchequer – Karin I Wilson
  • Mickleham’s first National School 1832 – Judy Kinloch

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Dorking History 2015

  • Revisiting the memory of Walter Dinnage (1900-1982) – Nicky Dunsbee
  • St John the Evangelist Church, North Holmwood – War Memorial; the Great War 1914-1919 – Jim Edwards
  • Tomb of a highwayman? – Sue Tombs
  • Obituary – Christopher Gordon Childs 1929-2015
  • The Dorking Joint Isolation Hospital – Terry Wooden

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Dorking History 2014

  • Joining up and the Army of Occupation – William Dinnage
  • Vaults found in Betchworth Church – Jane le Cluse
  • Researching the Grenehurst Park Estate – Carol Cobb, Bernice Forsyth, Mary Day, Bridget Paterson, Dick Thomas
  • John Henry Gordon Lee-Steere 1895-1914 – Kathy Atherton
  • Rose Hill, Alfred Russel Wallace’s house in Dorking – Michele Kohler
  • The sisters of Edward Kerrich of Capel – Mary Day

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Dorking History 2013 – SOLD OUT

  • Post Office in Dorking – Bob Humphreys
  • Working on the Home Front in the Great War 1914-1918 – William Dinnage
  • From goods yard to car park – Terry Wooden
  • 300 years of family connections with Dorking – Charles Gordon Clark
  • The Brockham Park Estate: origins and owners – Albert Bird
  • The Star Pub, some reminiscences – Pamela Greenwood
  • John Robert Overton (1783-1849), a Dorking linen draper – Judy Buckley
  • The early years of St Paul’s School, Dorking – Helen Wharmby 

Dorking History 2012 – SOLD OUT

  • Retail changes since the mid nineteenth century – Bob Humphreys
  • Dorking in the news
  • Denham Jordon – Rod Cooper
  • Surrey Association of Church Bell Ringers; First World War Roll of Honour – David Underdown
  • The water engine house in Betchworth Park, Dorking – Alan Crocker
  • The Great Bridge at Brockham – Jane le Cluse
  • Mullins’ or Sheffield’s? – Vivien Ettlinger

Dorking History 2011

  • 19th century policing of Surrey before a paid police – Robert Bartlett
  • Charles Graham Robertson: a great eastern railwayman and holder of the Victoria Cross – Stephen Sellick
  • The Dorking Mendicity Society – Bob Humphreys
  • Transport of goods and personnel around nineteenth century mid Surrey – Bob Humphreys
  • Ascertaining the boundary between the manors of East Betchworth and Headley – 1801 style – Jane le Cluse
  • A child’s shoe – Kathy Atherton

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Dorking History 2010

  • Lovely Sailing – Susanna Horne (the death of a Dorking foundry worker on the Titanic)
  • Mary Anne Cubitt of Denbies, A Detective Story – Mark Cortino
  • An exemplary Woman, Baroness Wootton of Abinger – Ann Oakley
  • The Beyfus family of Daisy Lodge – Kathy Atherton
  • Keep Calm and Carry On – extracts from the diary of Edith Mercer (1905-1995), edited by Terry Wooden
  • The History of Highacre, Dorking – Jim Edwards
  • The Baker, the Publican and the Horse-thief – by Mary Turner (the theft of horses passing through Dorking market in 1907)
  • 1966 CS gas used by police for the first time in the UK – Robert Bartlett (A siege in Betchworth)

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Dorking History 2009

  • History of Hoyle, Capel – Bridget Paterson
  • Local Boy Makes Good in Ontario (the emigration of William Tilt and his family of Capel/Holmwood in the 1830s) – Pam Palmer
  • New Light on William Tilt’s Emigration – Mary Day
  • The Three Olympias, Holmwood’s Huguenot Connections (the relationships between the Cazalet, Larpent and Wickham families of 19th century Holmwood) – Kathy Atherton
  • Letters from the Wotton Emigrants (letters from emigrants to in the early 20th century)
  • Francis Seymour Larpent – Vivian Timcke-Burdett
  • Charles Darwin, the Past and Future of Leith Hill Place – Kathy Atherton

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Dorking History 2008

  • John Langdon Davies (from conscientious objector to Home Guard via the Spanish barricades and the Holmwood – Kathy Atherton
  • Making History – the Dorking Bombard – Eric Mansfield
  • The strange case of the amoebic shape-shifting Common (on the changing boundaries of Holmwood Common) – Kathy Atherton
  • Tracing the ownership of Waterlands Farm – Mary Day
  • Flushed with Success? – Mary Day
  • A Narrow Escape (on runaway vehicles on the Holmwood)
  • Is this Dorking? – Jane Austen and the Watsons
  • The Two Pageants (on Ralph Vaughan Williams and the Abinger Pageants) – Renee Stewart
  • Twenty years after on Dorking’s Model Farm (on Sondes Farm) – Pam Hunter
  • Tommy Warner – A citizen of Dorking – Nigel Evans

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Dorking History 2007

  • The Rangiora Connection (Food parcels from New Zealand after 1945) – Mary Turner
  • Lady Lawrence – an apology
  • The Oliviers in Dorking – Terry Wooden
  • Captain Swing disturbances in the 1830s – Bob Humphreys
  • Cotmandene – The People’s Playground
  • Little Dudley House – Beryl Higgins and Vivien Ettlinger
  • An East End Invasion (Box Hill in 1891)
  • Dorking men in the Battle of Trafalgar – Coffey Holland
  • The Holmwood Manoeuvres of July 1876 – Maureen Cole
  • The Double Life of a Capel Yeoman (on the Tilt family of Holmwood) – Pam Palmer
  • The Admiral and the Obnoxious Ornaments (on Admiral Sir Leopold Heath and St Mary Magdalene, South Holmwood) – Kathy Atherton

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Dorking History 2006

  • Nurse Children and Foundlings, Early Visitors To Dorking – Vivien Ettlinger
  • Wartime Hazards on the Railway – Alan A Jackson
  • The Howling Terror – Brian Overell
  • ‘A Bit of Singing and Dancing’ – Emmeline Pethick Lawrence, the Esperance Girls’ Club and the Sundial – Kathy Atherton
  • The Hubbard Family in Dorking – A Tale of ‘Ernest’ Endeavour – Mary Day
  • The Dorking Provident Institution – Terry Wooden
  • Not in My Back Yard – Victorian Version – Bob Humphreys
  • Dorking Chalk and Lime – Chris Childs and Mary Day
  • Nelson at Burford Bridge – Jan Elias

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Dorking History 2005

  •  John Fuller – Apprentice – Terry Wooden
  • Meadowbank – Pasture to Parkway 1649-139 – Mary Day
  • George Smith of Pixham – Norman E. Penty
  • The Story of the Battle of Dorking – Terry Wooden
  • Outrage in Stuart Dorking – Vivien Ettlinger
  • Number 10 Punchbowl Lane – Beryl Higgins and Vivien Ettlinger
  • The Evacuation of the Holmwoods – Kathy Atherton
  • Cold Burial in Canada – Terry Wooden
  • A Case of Urgent Necessity – Bob Humphreys
  • Dorking Petrol Service Station – Christopher Childs

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Dorking History 2004

  • Betchworth Castle – Martin Higgins
  • Looking after the Pennies – Victorian Friendly Societies – Bob Humphreys
  • A Personal Memory of Sherlock’s Coachbuilders – Eric Mansfield
  • The Norfolk Arms, Holmwood – S.E. Worrow and Kathy Atherton
  • Big Guns by Rail – Alan Jackson

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Dorking History 2003

  • A Town and Country Gentleman in the Early 18th Century – Pam Hunter
  • The Textile Collection in Dorking Museum – Joyce Foster and Barbara Turnbull
  • Dorking Schools in the 1850s and 1860s – Bob Humphreys
  • Two Train Journeys through Dorking in the 1870s – Alan A. Jackson
  • Dorking Nurseryman Declared Bankrupt! – Vivien Ettlinger
  • Prehistoric Westcott – Gaby Rapson
  • Where’s the Water Cart
  • Commemorative Board – St. Margaret’s Ockley – Martin and Maureen Cole
  • Pixham Lane in the Old Days – Rose Cottage – David Newman
  • A Museum Adventure in Dorking – Terry Wooden

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Dorking History 2002

  • Dorking and its Members of Parliament 1832-1960 – Pam Hunter
  • Friendly Society Celebrations, Expansions and Benefits Around Dorking in the Nineteenth Century – Bob Humphreys
  • ‘Jolywynds’ and William Bowman of Holmbury St. Mary – Valerie Ferry
  • The Bell – Beryl Higgins and Vivien Ettlinger
  • Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, 1887 – How Should Dorking Celebrate? – Mary Turner
  • The North Holmwood Pottery – Brian Overell
  • The Cabin, North Holmwood – Alan A. Jackson
  • The Home Guard School at Denbies – Recollections – Felicity J. Medland
  • Submission by Sarah Joyce to Poor Law Commissioners 1843

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