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New Book by Julia Hickey!

BOOK NEWS! Medieval historian Julia Hickey has published a new book “The Son that Elizabeth the First Never Had”, on Robert Dudley’s illegitimate son. Buy it (£6 off!) at: Pen and Sword Books: Titles by Julia A Hickey (pen-and-sword.co.uk) More on Julia at http://thehistoryjar.com

Dorking Society AGM

You are warmly invited to the Dorking Society AGM which this year will be held at Dorking Library on Tuesday 10th May. The Dorking Society is the governing body of the DLHG. Please arrive after 7pm for a prompt start at 7.30pm. We will conduct the business… Continue reading Dorking Society AGM

Covid Considerations, 2022

The spread of the Omicron variant is a bit worrying. We are keeping an eye on the figures and will decide whether January’s talk on “Dorking Music Hall” by Brian O’Gorman (Official Historian of the British Music Hall Society) will be live at Junction Road… Continue reading Covid Considerations, 2022

More Events, 2021 & 2022!

We’ve got a bonus Zoom talk on November 8th this year – “Remembering the heroes from all over the Commonwealth: BlackPoppyRose Campaign” by Selena Carty, on the important contribution made by black servicemen from the Caribbean, Africa & elsewhere in WW1, WW2 & other wars… Continue reading More Events, 2021 & 2022!

Walk around Godalming

On 10th Nov 2021, 15 DLHG members enjoyed an guided walk around Godalming following the story of Jack Phillips, chief radio operator of the Titanic, and a true local hero. See “Some DLHG Event Pictures” (under “More” on the main menu) for some pix

Blue Plaques in Dorking

For many years the Dorking Society has sponsored the placing of Blue Plaques in Dorking and its surrounding areas to commemorate people who have lived locally and played an important part in society whether within the UK or globally. Want to learn more? Click post heading.


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