Some Kent and Sussex based Speakers

Frances Hurd has a PhD in Civil War history. Her talks include family history, WW1 & British churches(she was a Churches Conservation Trust official). She lives near Chichester. We look forward to her “Quakers at War” talk in 2022.

Christoph Bull specialises in the history of Germany, particularly in WW1, and Kent. His talks include “Dickens’ Kent”, “Our Thames from Dartford to Grain” and “Kent and Germany during World War One”. He lives in Gravesend.

Pete Allen is the Director of The RC Sherriff Trust, and is also a theatre director and film-maker. His talks include “Oh No It Isn’t: A History of Pantomime” and “To Journey’s End; The Life of RC Sherriff”, which he will give us in 2022

Ros Black is a speaker and author whose most recent book “Scandal, Salvation and Suffrage – The Amazing Women of the temperance Movement” will be the basis of her first talk for us, in 2022. She now lives in Haywards Heath.

Geoffrey Mead is a retired Geography lecturer at Sussex University who has worked in adult education for 30 years, and now gives talks across SE England, including “Channel coastlands” & “The South at work”, which he will give us in 2022.

William Aers is a lecturer at Mid Kent College, but he also runs a social enterprise which provides Historical lectures to nursing homes, schools and others. We look forward to his talk on Anglo-Saxon Surrey in 2022

Inbal Livne is Head of Collections for Kent’s Powell-Cotton Museum (PCM). She can offer talks on PCM as a hospital during WW1, the museum’s collections and the Quex House & Gardens. We hope to book her in 2022.

Kevin Gordon is Honorary Historian for Seaford Town Council. His talks include “The Lost Village of Tidemills”, “The History of Policing the Railways” and “A History of Postcards”. He used to be a guide for the Palace of Westminster.

Ian Currie is a weatherman, broadcaster, author, and a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society. His talks include “Droughts, Deluges and Dust Devils. A look back at 350 years of South East Weather”. He now lives in Storrington, West Sussex

Ian Everest is a Sussex-based speaker who worked in agriculture and was also manager of Newhaven Fort. His many talks include “The Ouse Valley- its past life and times”, “My Mum was a Land Girl” and “Newhaven Uncovered”

Gravesend-based Toni Mount is a history teacher, a speaker and an author. Her talks include “They Dared to be Doctors – the story of the first Victorian Women doctors”, “The Dutch raids on the Medway” and “Ration-book Britain”

Brian O’Gorman is from a theatrical family and is the Historian of the British Music Hall Society. He has written two books on Music Hall, and gives regular talks on the subject . He also speaks on Cricket, National Service, and the Argentine.

The Wey & Arun Canal Trust can arrange many talks on the  Wey & Arun Canal – “London’s Lost Route to the Sea” – especially the Trust’s work on restoring it

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