Dorking Society AGM

You are warmly invited to the Dorking Society AGM which this year will be held at Dorking Library on Tuesday 10th May. The Dorking Society is the governing body of the DLHG.

Please arrive after 7pm for a prompt start at 7.30pm. We will conduct the business first, and then we have a presentation on The Dorking of the Future. Our speakers include Ben Lee, local architect, and Peter Brown, author of The Box of Extraordinary Delights, based on the Museum collection and soon to be published by the Museum’s Cockerel Press.

Papers for the meeting will be available on the website, but will also be sent directly to you soon.

If you would like to consider becoming a Trustee of our increasingly dynamic and forward-looking Society, we are seeking individuals with management experience and an interest in Conservation, Community and Planning. In addition, we would welcome any interest from an aspiring Treasurer. Penny Tompkins at,uk will be very happy to explain what you need to know and provide a Nomination Form.

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