Some DLHG Speakers

Professor Anne Anderson

Anne’s specialities are in archaeology, art and architecture. Her talks include “Voysey’s Surrey Houses”, “Surrey Arts and Crafts gardens” and “the DeMorgans & the Lovelaces”. She has been a regular Arts Society lecturer for many years.

Kathy Atherton

Kathy specialises in history about the Dorking area, and is responsible for the exhibitions at Dorking Museum. Her talks include “Literary Mole Valley”, “Suffrage and the First World War” and “Suffragettes & Socialists in Surrey.”

Sam Dawson

Sam is an author, a cave guide (for both Reigate and Dorking caves) and an active member of ”Subterranea Britannica”, which researches and preserves the subterranean history of Britain. He lives in Dorking with his wife and two girls.

Christoph Bull

Christoph specialises in Kent local history and the history of Germany, particularly WW1. His talks include “Dickens’ Kent”, “Our Thames from Dartford to Grain” and “Kent and Germany during World War One”. He lives in Gravesend.

Sean Creighton

Sean has a great passion for the “hidden history”/ “history from below” that few learn at school. His talks include “Slavery & Abolition”; “The Labour movement in Croydon”; “Friendly Societies”; & “Samuel Coleridge-Taylor”

Julia Hickey

Julia is writer, author and speaker who specialises in medieval/Tudor/Stuart History. Her talks cover topics including The Dissolution of the Monasteries; Henry VIII’s Mistresses & Bastards; and Anglo-Saxon Queens. She lives in Derbyshire.

Dr Frances Hurd

Frances has a PhD in Civil War history, and gives talks on family history, WW1, British churches, Abu Dhabi and more. She has also been an Ofsted inspector and Regional Officer for the Churches Conservation Trust. She lives near Chichester.

Chris Bruce-Jones

A life-long Congregationalist, Chris is especially
interested in Victorian religion. His talks include Quakers in the Industrial Revolution and non-conformist church architecture & history. He delivered his first Zoom talk aged 87!

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